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to texas. >>> taking a look at some of the other things on the campaign trail, mitt romney picked up a key endorsement in his quest to become the republican presidential nominee. former governor jeb bush backed romney. a top romney advisor was asked if the g.o.p. primary race was pushed romney so far to the right, he'd risk alienating middle of the road voters in a possible fall campaign. the advisor likened romney's campaign to an etch sketch, something you can shake and start all over. romney said his policies and positions will be the same. >>> a nigerian woman is under arrest following a record heroin bust at dulles airport. border agents say the 52-year- old ingested 180 thumb size pellets filled with the drug. she told customs she was here to visit her brother but couldn't provide a description. it's worth about $150,000 on the street. she is in the custody of immigration and homeland security agents. >>> police believe they have pictures which may show the man who attack add 16-year-old girl in -- attacked a 16-year-old girl in fairfax on monday as she was walking home from wood soo
. >> rick santorum is challenging the awarding of delegates in michigan saying mitt romney's state changed the rules to give him an edge. >> santorum's campaign says it will get some momentum this weekend. >> reporter: rick santorum told supporters in spokane, washington they'll help energize his campaign during its caucuses tomorrow. >> we're excited about our chances here in washington state. we think we can surprise a lot of people. >> reporter: he lost to mitt romney on tuesday. michigan republicans gave romney an extra delegate saying there was confusion over new rules in february and a correction was made on wednesday. >> the good ole boy network. have to change the rules after the game so they can win. that's pathetic. >> reporter: santorum is leading romney in the polls in ohio. they'll both campaign there today. ohio is a priority because it's a swing state in the general election. while campaigning in north dakota on thursday, romney said he's the candidate who can win in november. >> if i become the nominee, i'm going to beat barack obama and take america back. >> reporter: romn
. >>> it is republican primary day in ili. a recent poll has mitt romney with a 14-point lead over rick santorum. >> santorum says if he can pull off an upset, he'll win the nomination. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: rick santorum is defending comments he made in illinois yesterday. >> we need a candidate who is going to abfighter for freedom, woz' going to get up and make that the central theme in this race because it is the central theme is in this race. i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. doesn't matter to him. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator said he would like a do over and try to explain what he meant. >> of course i care. what i'm saying my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether the unemployment rate goes up and down. our can dose is about something that transcends that. it's about freedom. >> reporter: mitt romney tried to capitalize on santorum's flub at a rally in peoria. he stressed the economy is his top priority. >> one of the people who is also running for the republican nomination said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. that doesn't bot
mitt romney today. some political analysts consider ryan to be one of the potential running mates for romney. >> today's endorsement comes a day after romney was endorsed endorsed boy president george h. w. bush. >> reporter: he sat down with the former president's houston office. the 41st president is backing the g.o.p. front-runner in his white house bid. >> he reminded me kenny rogers a time when to hold them, a time when to fold them. i think it's time for people to get all behind this good man. >> reporter: the endorsement is the latest sign that party leaders are eager to wrap up the primary race and begin the head-to-head battle with president obama. >> i look forward to being successful in honoring that endorsement by winning. >> reporter: romney's closest rival rick santorum seemed to acknowledge publicly for the first time he may not win this contest. but he is still campaigning hard in wisconsin ahead of next week's primary. santorum needs a win tuesday to stay competitive in the race for the white house, but the latest polls show romney up by 8 points in wisconsin. his
in mississippi and alabama. even though mitt romney has a significant lead, rick santorum says he feels confident. >> we think the folks are going to represent the values. >> we are going to get a lot of delegates in miss list and alabama. >> mitt romney won the wyoming caucuses saturday. rick santorum took a win in kansas. right now romney with 454. twice as many as santorum, gingrich and ron paul combined. >>> a university of maryland college park student is in custody after allegedly posting threatening comments on the internet. 19-year-old alexander song reportedly posted he will quote be on a shooting rampage on campus. police arrested him yesterday and charged him. he was taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. >>> gunfire at an i hop in northwest dc ends with pun man shot in the cholesterol. now police are looking for whoever pulled the trigger. a fight between two groups of customers led to this shooting. the victim is expected to survive. now police are looking for two people who were at the store on 14th and irving. the first one is a man, african-american with dread loc
herbert walker bush is expected to endorse gop front runner mitt romney later today in texasment this is the latest sign the republican establishment is beginning to accept the former massachusetts governor as the eventual party nominee. last night romney picked up the endorsement from florida state marco rubio who said it's time for the primary fight to end. former florida governor jeb bush also endorsed romney last week. >>> it is 4:33. here's a look allison treadwell some other thing -- at some other things making news now. the jet blue pilot passengers pinned down from a flight is now charged with interference of a flight crew. federal documents reveal the copilot locked captain clayton osbon out of the cockpit after making comments like we need to make a leap of faith and we're not going to vegas. >>> a wildfire in colorado that's killed two people so far continues to burn out of control now. 4500 acres have been scorched so far. 28 homes destroyed and 900 evacuated. the u.s. forest service is now in charge of the operation. more firefighters are on the way to help. the flam
wants to cut the rate to 28%. mitt romney proposes a 25% rate. >>> and carnival is bringing the princess cruises to japan. they are looking to capitalize on the growing japanese cruise market and it plans to offer trips from april through july 2013 to see if there's enough demand. now earlier this month carnival reported a larger than expected quarterly loss and flashed the annual -- slashed the annual profits in half after of course the liner costa concordia capsized off the coast of italy in january. of course some serious problems. >> another one of the shippings had problems with -- ships has problems with norovirus. >> thanks jess. >>> still ahead we're going to take a deeper look at the debate over the health care law. >> in this half hour we'll look at the negative impact the bill could wind up having on small businesses around the country. >> and we're back with your weather first just two minutes away. >>> good morning and welcome back to 9news now, it is 4:43. it's wednesday and it's a lot warmer this morning than it was yesterday. >> yeah, no freezing temperatures. no freeze w
with commercials, especially in the ten states holding primaries tomorrow in super tuesday. mitt romney has 203 at the top. yesterday he picked up an endorsement of eric cantor. rick santorum a distant second. gingrich has 33 delegates. ron paul in fourth place with 25. a total of 1,144 delegates are needed to secure the republican nomination for president. >>> the election has not been decided and people already making big plans to be here in washington for the presidential inauguration event. local hotel rooms are filling up fast. >> reporter: this is how they roll at the hotel. this weekend it was a bridal exhibition. but the williard hotel just a block from the white house has been hosting inaugurals since 1850. >> henry williard was a savvy man. he felt if he invited people, this would become the residence of presidents and it has. we have different themes that represent the white house. the dining rom is oval shape as is the oval office. >> reporter: all this fabulousness isn't cheap. $10,000 a night with a four- night minimum. up the straight at the mayflower hotel, the same rate gets yo
i need you to get out there and vote for me. >> reporter: romney will spend today fund raising in new york as he builds his war chest for what could be a very long primary battle. cbs news, washington. >>> president obama's reelection bid received a big endorsement yesterday. the afl-cio said it will begin a nationwide door-to-door effort for the president and other democratic candidates. union leaders say the goal of the campaign is to counter the flood of outside money conservative groups are pouring into the campaigns. they have up to 400,000 union members. they'll use phone banks and knock on doors. >>> president obama says the person responsible for a shooting spree which left 15 people dead in afghanistan will be held fully accountable. there are now reports the soldier whose name still has not been released didn't just turn himself in but a search party cleat with helicopters was sent looking for him when it was discovered he was missing. he was reportedly found crawling through an orchard as if he were trying to sneak back on to base. a senior military official says the
. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> later today mitt romney will be in the mid-atlantic region stopping at the american legion in maryland and the district of columbia. then on to wisconsin, the first week of april. then a ten-day break before the next round of contests. >>> house republicans unveiled their budget proposal for next year. they say the plan would reduce the deficit by 3.3 -- $3.3 trillion over the next decade. it would do that by cutting 5 trillion from medicaid, food stamps and other programs. the proposal also calls for a repeal of president obama's health care overall. -- overhaul. >> if we allow entitlement politics, fear that your adversaries will return and we cower to that, america is going to have a debt crisis. >> we need to make sure the effort to get our fiscal house in order, that the burden of that effort is not borne solely by senior citizens and families with disabled children or the poor. >> the congressional budget office has not released analysis of the g.o.p. proposal. >>> the associated press is offering a new scenario in the afghan shooting m
nomination and here is how things look so far. romney 415. santorum has 176, beginning river 105, paul 47. >>> the federal judge has rejected a lawsuit challenging maryland's new congressional redistricting plan. he said the plaintiffs did not prove the plan violates the constitution or the statutes. >> the new restricting plan which was approved by the state assembly last fall adjusted the shape of maryland's eight congressional districts. republicans argue the plan is nothing more than an effort by democrats to get g.o.p. representative ross cow bartlet -- rosco bartlet voted out of office. >>> the metropolitan washington airports authority released numbers yesterday for the silver line. the low number is based on fairfax and loudoun county agreeing to pay for the project. the higher number, $3.2 billion is what it would cost if neither one chips in. >>> the d.c. council has given preliminary aoff to a bill -- approval to a bill which would roll back rules for guns in the city. changes include eliminating a vision test as well as ballistics training and a ban on some types of a
of this is getting in toward areas toward kaiser, west of romney but it's fairly light. charleston is 51. 59 pittsburgh. we're still 57. look at the cooler air that has moved in off the atlantic. places like atlantic city, low to mild 40s there. that cooler air trying to work towards us. baltimore in the upper 40s. in town we're 57. 55 in rockville and centreville. and even out toward leesburg 54. down south fort belvoir at 50 degrees with just patchy fog this morning. good visibility. we don't see that much in the way of low clouds around the capitol this morning with our temps in the upper 50s at 57. reported mostly cloudy at reagan national. very light wind out of the south at 3 miles an hour. now, nationally the big weather story is out in the west. look at the jet stream. it's diving down the west coast making the trip up here. look at the clouds move south to north in the plains and up and over us. with this huge ridge in the east, that's where we have all these warm temperatures. chicago five straight days of record high temperatures. that's severe thunderstorms this morning across th
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12